Products and Services

Security Alarms Systems for Residential, Commercial, Educational, Industrial & Financial. Our primary service, electronic measures to protect whats important to you.

Our advanced systems can protect you from Burglary, Robbery, warn you during the early stages of a fire. Detect Low or High room temperatures, high water due to sump pump failure or burst water pipes. Natural and CO gas leaks.

Uniformed Guard Response, we meet the police when a break-in occurs at 2:00 in the morning. We can handle the initial police report and even have the door or window boarded up and you can finish the police report in the morning. The options are yours.

Immediate and direct contact with local company owners and supervisors; no calls to some other state or entity.

Closed Circuit Surveillance Systems

Shoff Security is the community leader when it comes to the installation of CCTV systems. We have installed systems for the Elkhart and Concord School systems, industrial and medical facilities. We offer the latest cutting edge ip based CCTV products which allow for secure remote viewing of your system via your pc, ipad or smart phone.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Today's access control systems will permit you to get rid of your keys. You can custom tailor specific time windows employees are allowed to enter your workplace. Your system will keep an audit trail of employee entry dates and times.